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...And I'm back! Let's jump right to it, shall we?

So here are few things I made about 2 weeks back at a Sewing Bee. Oh how I love five hours of dedicated sewing time!

I made three lunchbags, based loosely on patterns from this book. The elephant bag is for my four year old daughter and the mermaids is for my six year old daughter. They both seem really pleased with the fabric I chose for them. I made the wood-grained bag for my husband. Not sure if he'll carry it, but I like it.

And how much do I love my new present from Jessica? Do you know what this is? It's not just any measuring tool, that there's metric. It makes all the difference when you're working from patterns that measure in centimeters. I don't know how I ever crafted from a Japanese pattern without it.

I used up the last little scraps of fabric to make these snack bags to segregate part of the lunch for the afterschool program.

In other sewing news, I started cutting out some IKEA fabric for a messenger bag. They have some really interesting heavyweight fabric at affordable prices. Unfortunately I got confused about the pattern pieces (there are several that you fold to cut out a totally different piece, and honestly, it's a lot to keep track of.) In the end I need to go back to IKEA for more fabric. I love this, it has kind of a Pucci-esque vibe that I really dig.

And the title is what my four year old asked me to write on her belly with face paint.

I'll be back, I have lots more news!

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