Unpopping Cables and Sorted Stash

Up until yesterday my craft supplies occupied the space on top of, under, and around a large table, plus several storage tubs under our bed. But I got a shelf on clearance and did a little reshuffling, and behold...

Everything is visible and organized! Yes, terrible picture. There is one container just for sock yarn, and the giant knitting on top? That's on 1/2" needles, which are so big it's not even a real needle size. My sewing machine is out on loan, but I can squeeze it in on top of the shelves. Oops, I noticed an unintentional bias as nothing is labeled as crochet!

I am getting rid of a heap of stuff that's not shown here. It's true that I don't have a ton of stash, which is just right for me, because, say for instance I stopped to ponder how long it would take me to sew and knit my way through all of the patterns that I have and want to make? Way too overwhelming.

So what am I working on? The other day I just had to start a Purl Bee Beret in Denim Lorna's Laces. I knit it all the way up in two days and then decided to make it bigger and ripped back. I am now ready for the decreases and am feeling pretty meh about it.

And a week ago I started these Paraphenalia Socks in pink Lorna's Laces. I knit that much in two days and am thinking about ripping them out, as the cables don't sufficiently pop for my taste. The really funny part? I read the chart symbols backward, so I made a mirrored sock, which would be the normal procedure for the second sock, so I messed up, but in just the perfect way! I need a present for my sister in nine days so I'd better get cracking.

My latest plan is to ride the bus to my full time job that I will start in a few weeks. I need to eek out a little time in my day for knitting and podcasts, plus to Ballard and back is a haul, and have you seen the price of gas?


Grace said...

I, too, have started taking public transportation to work; not only do I not give money to big oil, I get a lot more knitting done! Enjoy your ride.

p.s. Another plus, not having to deal with rush hour traffic. I don't know how traffic is in your city, but I live in Chicago and right now, every expressway is under construction so traffic SUCKS!

Ms. Br4ZiL said...

We just started taking the bus too! I draw comics and read and catch other peoople's colds!