Well Preserved

I went out last night, mainly to just sit by myself and have a drink and ponder my life and just really not interact with anyone. And I got carded as usual.

Waitress: "I would not have guessed, you look so much younger!"
Me: "Yeah, I've been told."

She steps away. A minute later a waiter appears.

Waiter (excitedly): "She told me your age and I just can't believe it, you're older than me? BORN IN 1969!?"
Me: (crap, people are staring.) "Yes." (please go away.)
Waiter: "Can I see your ID? I have to be careful, I got busted for serving someone underage." (Never mind that he's not actually my server and therefore is just doing this for his own entertainment and my discomfort.)
ME: "OK."
Waiter: "Wow, it's true!"
Waiter (backpeddling): "Well, I didn't mean that, I mean you look good for your age, wow!"
ME: "OK, I get it. Can I get my drink now?"

It was almost as much fun as the time I got high-fived by a Barista for looking so good for my age.


amanda said...

well, i guess you've got two options.
1. try to appreciate looking young. i look young, too, and people keep saying that some day i'll appreciate it.
or 2. you could start going to a bar regularly so that they know you and don't card you! i don't get carded at my neighborhood pub because i walk in like i own the place :)

kristin said...

it's true, you are fantastic. Hey, I need your email address. I have something to send you. :)

Jen said...

I also was born. in. 1969. But no one has carded me lately. Dang.

P.S. We are having bacon chocolate chip pancakes for dinner tonight. I can't wait!

Jeanne said...

People are weird sometimes. I have to say that you do look mighty fine for a woman of your advanced age...

Jessica said...

Better than when my friend got carded and as she turned the waiter with her ID he looked at her and said, "Oh! No that's okay." Yeesh.

brooke said...

Unbelievable!! Although once when I forgot my id and was trying to pick up some drinks for a dinner party I asked the checkout lady (who's carded me before) if she remembered me so I could buy from her. She said, "Oh yeah, I always remember you because of that big scar on your face."

Stacy said...

People have no idea how quickly the novelty of that wears off. It's like yeah, if my hair wasn't pink it would be all gray. Then I get the so what do you use? I'm like huh? Use? I wash my face, I don't smoke or wear make up and I have good genes.

Oh and I got the box o goodies! Thank you it was just what I needed after a long day of waiting on my husband's surgery to be over. =)

woolladyfelter said...

I recently got carded for buying a lottery ticket - I said oh my you don't think i'm 21!! (I was 34 at the time) - she said oh no you have to be 18 - do you have your id! Crazy!!!