We Have a Winner!

Thanks for all of your delicious bacon-y comments for my recent contest! I really enjoyed reading them all. Do you know why it really took me so long to announce a winner? I owed someone a long-overdue package and I just didn't feel right about ending this contest until I took care of that unfinished business. I really hate to say how long it took me to send it. Sorry, I really suck at managing my life sometimes! Well, now that package as sent, whew, and I hope the recipient enjoys it.

And the winner of the drop spindle (as picked unscientifically out of the hat by my daughter) is the lovely multi-talented Jen, found at the blog Chrysanthemum! Yay, Jen! Enjoy the bacon and other goodness! Yes, there is bacon and fiber. Err...spinable fiber, not the other kind.

And speaking of not managing my life very well, it is about to get more complicated. Our family has had a dramatic change in the money earning and career arena. This means I will likely and reluctantly go back to work full time starting some time next month. I won't say this is easy, and not seeing my dear little girls does make me more than a bit sad.

In the meantime, I am starting on a major de-cluttering and getting rid of a ton of stuff, so I think I will post another giveaway soon.


Jessica said...

Congrats to Jen!
And good luck to you during this transition period.

Ms. Br4ZiL said...

Wow Sasha- back to work- that's a big change- go easy on yourself!

Jeanne said...

Bit stuff, my friend. Hang in there. I'm thinking about you.