Post-Halloween Wrap Up

When my 3 year old decided to be a witch for Halloween I made quick work of getting my 5 year old on board and did a two-fer, because assembly line was the only way handmade costumes were coming together this year.

The hats and capelets are gold and black silk (mostly because if I had to stare at miles of black cotton I have doubts that I would have followed through), but it was only two yards so not too extravagant. The hats have black interfacing to add a little stiffness, and the brims are a perfect circle which gives them a slightly floppy and ruffly look. The capelets have a pleat in the back and at both shoulders that help hold them in place. They tie with a vintage blue rayon ribbon that I had in the stash.

The skirts are gathered cotton organza, also two yards, and wrap around with two sewn-on snaps. The hems are edged in a dotted ribbon, not shown in the picture, but I have a reputation for using polka dots, so that bears mentioning. I made the skirts big enough that I can move the snaps later and they can be worn for many years. (This might sound intentional from my description, but it was really a function of guessing their size and adding a little extra which was really a lot extra!) I had originally planned a pinafore design rather than skirts, but time was short and halfway through I had to let myself call this good enough.

The whole shebang was patternless and came together in two long evenings. My 5 year old made sure everyone knew that I didn't make their entire costume (true, I didn't make the shoes, tights, or shirt!) and they scored far too much candy.

Here's where I want to bitch about my crazy life, but I fully recognize that there are some choices in there somewhere, and I am sure I had a hand in my choices, but man do I suffer through them now! Most of my spare moments come when I wake up in the middle of the night to do laundry or pay bills. I am struggling hence the spotty blogging but I hope to find my way eventually.


Jen said...

The girls' costumes look wonderful! That black and gold fabric is beautiful.

Sorry about the time crunch lately. I hope it smooths out soon.

Jeanne said...

The costumes are beautiful! And I hear you about the time craziness!

nicole said...

Cutest witches EVER!

tiennie said...

These are such cute costumes!

Felicia said...

Love the costumes :)