The Truth About the Spinning...

Besides that I am a craptastic spinner? Why, yes...yes I am! But there must be some hope for me, right?

Actually the real truth is the Louet Victoria wheel broke on me. Five days after I received it. I packed it up in the protective carrying case and went to Jessica's house for a spinning lesson. When I pulled it out of the bag, the unlocking knob was nowhere to be found. I realized that it had snapped right off and I couldn't unfold the wheel. I really tried not to throw a fit about it.

Part of me didn't want to blog about breaking the part, because I so appreciate that it is was such a generous prize, and I didn't want to seem careless and undeserving. But I really don't feel like it was exactly my fault.

So anyway, I called Louet, and pretty soon they told me that they were sending the part for me to fix it. I had my doubts. I couldn't see any way to get the darn thing apart, but I awaited the instructions. There is something about the repair instructions being way better than the wheel setup instructions that has me wondering... Is this a common problem? Can we consider it a design flaw? In any case, it's still a lovely wheel.

Anyway, they presume that you have tools readily available such as a drill and Phillips head screwdriver, plus a nail and a screw. I had none but the nail, but I know people with tools, so as of yesterday I am back in action. It was really a simple repair, and I am only moderately handy. So as of now I travel with scads of bubble wrap.

Check out my spinning action...kinda sucky, yes? Jessica?

I am trying to hold off and make spinning my reward for a giant fundraising project that I need to get done this weekend for my daughter's school. Must. Control. Urge. To. Spin.


Jessica said...

Yay, you're back in action!
Let's get together for a spinning date soon.

nuttnbunny said...

Oh! Such the opposite of sucky. Glorious!!!

tiennie said...

You're not crappy at spinning! You're just beginning and I know you'll be churning out gorgeous yarn soon!

Chicago Sarah said...

Hey- spinning isn't easy. I always end up with broken strands of yarn, so yours looks great to me! :)

keri said...

Oh no - how scary! I'm glad to hear it all worked out in the end! =)