Dry Grass Socks

Here is what I am working on now, with my true sock love, Embossed Leaves. To be fair, Child's First Sock is pretty fabulous, it would be a contender, but really, nothing beats the Leaves. I started these on Sunday and I am knitting both socks at once and now I am ready to do the heels.

Another thing I love, Lorna's Laces. I don't usually do the multicolor yarn but this one (color number 207, Envy) felt right. I do hope that the colors don't obscure the lovely pattern detail too much. I like how well the colors match my dormant summer lawn. For a change of pace I cast on with doubled number 1 DPNs and more stitches than I needed then did a first row with a bunch of K2 together action to insure that the cast on allows plenty of room for a shapely leg.

So far I am loving watching the colors change in this yarn, such prettiness. And nothing beats a happy pair of new sandals!


Melissa R. Garrett said...

Love the color, but I'm *loving* those shoes even more!!

Jen said...

Oh, look at your sandals--so cute! The socks are good too--love the yarn. Are those your sockapalooza socks?

nuttnbunny said...

I envy your Envy. Isn't the Lorna's to die for?