Unravel and Ravelry

Progress was made on the Embossed Leaves socks but then I decided that the picked up stitches on the sock on the right looked too terrible to live with. So I unraveled and unraveled. The whole heel had to go because the picked up stitches wouldn't shrink back into place. The picked up stitches on the left hand sock please me ever so. Sockapalooza is getting close, should I be worried?

Also I got my Ravelry invite last night. I can already think of too many projects to add to my queue, but the rest is going to take a while to get set up. I'm not sure I want to face the stash. As my husband remarked recently, I do have yarn in all of my dresser drawers.


amandasan said...

i'm jealous! there are still 1800 people in front of me to get into ravelry :(

Felicia said...

Ooo, they're looking lovely!

aleakam said...

I just got my ravelry invite too. It is as cool as it was sounding.
As for what to do with the stash . . . I only put in the "whole" yarn . . . you know, the stuff there is enough to make something from, not the random balls that sit around waiting to become hats . . . I seem to make a lot of those from random balls.
Have you checked out the book section yet . . . that may be one of my faves!

nuttnbunny said...

Yeah! Ravelry. Those socks are so verdant. Stash feels intimidating to me too. Maybe it'll be a "depths-of-winter" project.