Fabric Scraps & Matching Underwear

The title of this post is what somebody Googled to end up at my blog. Intriguing...

I'm back, baby! I picked up the laptop this week! The upside was it was a free repair and I didn't lose my files. The downside is that it apparently was never waiting on a part. It was sent out for repair with the wrong paperwork and it took nearly a month for them to sort out how to code my repair and resend it.

I have been up to very little crafting. I helped organize my daughters' preschool auction/dance fundraiser that took place last weekend and that kicked my booty for several weeks so I really haven't felt like doing much else. But many projects are in the works.

Meanwhile, Brooke tagged me for a meme, 6 unusual things that you didn't know about me:

1) Because I was raised by hippies (they even rode on Ken Kesey's bus!) I was never vaccinated (please no comments about how I should be, it's not a debate I wish to have!)

2) I kept matches in my pillowcase when I was a child because of an uncontrollable craving for match heads. Click on the link to read about pica.

3) When I about 10 or so, I suffered painful burns on the tops of both feet that required treatment for most of one summer, but the scars are not visible to anyone but me.

4) I used to sleep walk and sleep talk and have even tried to get out of a moving car and have hit someone while sleeping and I wake with no knowledge of what I have done.

5) I dislike getting my hands wet so the biggest consideration when I buy kitchenware is that it is dishwasher-safe because I don't want to put my hands in murky dishwater.

6) I identify as shy (so shy that when I was 5 years old people would ask my mother if I knew how to speak) but I think I am pretty good at compensating for it because people use words like friendly and outgoing to describe me.

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