So That It All Comes Out Even

Look at what we have here, a matching pair, what do you think Brooke, are they a good match? I went ahead and started the second sock as I didn't want the first to be lonely, but mostly I wanted to combat second sock syndrome and I wanted to remember what I did on the first sock so that I could repeat it.

This is a truer interpretation of the color then the prior post. My camera does wacky color correcting depending on the light and we have so many grey days this time of year. I thought the earlier picture was much prettier, so now I want to make some bright blue socks for me, but I guess that it's not the time of year to make myself anything. But I do have a birthday coming up, hmm... (I'll bet I'm older than you think.)

Keri, it IS Lorna's, you know your yarn! And it's from a vintage sock pattern book, it's just 2 1/2 inches of K1 P1 rib followed by about 7 1/2 inches of K4 P2 rib then a short row heel. Toe to be determined. Keri and Jen, I hope your it's enough yarn vibes work out for me!

The socks have left the building as one sock may be used in a photo shoot (or maybe not, no saying which way it will go, it's not the most glamorous sock, in any case, I provided a stunt double.)

So now I am dreaming of a big lacey stole (the pattern calls it a shawl but it's rectangular so that's a wrap or stole in my book) but the something like 400 stitch provisional cast-on is going to take some doing.

And the title refers to a line in Bread and Jam for Frances that my four year old loves to quote when she eats.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

That is a beautiful blue! I really am going to have to learn to knit, darn it! I'm so jealous of what everyone else is making.

keri said...

Sheesh that's kind of scary that I knew what brand it is, although I do have two skeins in the denim sitting in my stash. If you happen to run out I'd be happy to roll some off for you and mail it to you.

The socks look great, I really love that pattern and they are coming along fast.

Jen said...

Oh, how I love Bread and Jam for Frances. 'Jam on biscuits' is one of the family's favorite songs--even the 1-year-old warbles along.

And depending on the giftee, a nice contrasting toe might not be the worst thing that ever happened.

Brooke said...

Match? I think there's really only one--you just played with photoshop... Our favorite Frances quote is "What good is an outing without boys?" (from Best Friends for Frances. On another note, with that shameless teaser are you going to hold an age guessing contest, or just tell, now that you've made us all curious?

Anonymous said...

They look great! Perfect even.