Sometimes I Hear Voices. In My Pants.

I have been trying to do the whole carry on thing, but I'm finding it hard to function in life. Some moments are fine and sometimes I am such a train wreck. I am trusting that this will get easier with time, and yet I am not ready for things to be fine, because it sucks to lose someone special.

Anyway, here's some stuff I made a while back. Late at night, because there's not a lot of free time otherwise.

A deer stuffed animal from a Japanese crafting book.

It's a little splay-legged, but I'm not sure how I would fix this and not sure if I really mind it.

And a pair of Portabellopixie Ruffle Pants (with single ruffle.) The pattern was pretty straightforward with attractive instructions. I found the pattern pretty detailed and sometimes not detailed enough for my liking, but not at all complicated.

Both of these were made as presents for my seven-year-old on her birthday.

And my five-year-old always comes up with the best lines for co-opting as blog post titles.


Jessica said...

Those pants are super-cute!

Erin said...

I like the deer, his fluffy little mohawk/hair is cute.