Equal Part Luck & Stupidity

On my way out of the grocery store with my daughter I noticed some splinters in her hand. I dropped everything and went to work extracting five splinters. We were on our way and across the bridge when it hit me. Crap, my two bags of expensive groceries and my purse were left on the sidewalk in front of the store. Hurry back taking a mental inventory of my purse. Credit card, debit card, cash, signed checks to deposit, new cellphone...Speed back to the store and there were my things, waiting for me behind the customer service desk. Lesson learned, put the groceries and purse in the car first. Because I'm less likely to leave my daughter behind. Thank goodness for that one honest person that turned in my stuff.


Jeanne said...

Thank god. I do the same kinds of things--thank god for honest, kind people!!

kristin said...

WHEW! I left my purse in a shopping cart outside a Bartell's once, and I remember that instant nausea oh so well. Blech. I got lucky, too. :)