And so the obsession begins...

I went to the thrift store yesterday and ended up with this:

It's a Necchi BU Mira "with Wonderwheel for automatic sewing” and a bunch of feet. With this machine I can sew with double needles and do all kinds of embroidery stitching like swirl stitching and more. It has a Hi/Low speed switch for sewing at a consistent slow speed. The manual is dated 1954, and it comes in a cabinet that extends into more than 5 feet of tabletop. Sorta crazy for my little house, but I didn't want to pass it up. It appears that everything works well, except the belt is loose and needs adjusted or replaced, so once I figure that out I can do a proper review of it.

I also picked up this:

I love that someone felt the need to write their review on lower left hand corner of the cover!

And in other knitting news, I noticed the other night that I was botching the decreases on my Brunswick sweater. I misread the instructions and am off on three decrease rows totaling 12 stitches, so I'll just rip back a ways. A minor setback.


Jessica said...

How many sewing machines is that now?

Anonymous said...

Jessica my father just bought me this machine runs like a charm .but the little wheel that the cams ( i call them ) do you know of a place i may be able to order parts that are for this machine?thank you for any help.I put a decorative wheel on it put the metal rods where they went wanted to see design but when i started sewing it did what i thought started crumbling some .so in need of a part if anyone can help me thank you.