Kool Hat

One of the main obstacles to blogging lately has been the lack of a camera. Ours got lost back in August and I just got around to getting a new one this week. So expect to see more posts. The only catch is that the new camera didn't come with a memory card (!) as I discovered after I got it home, and with the snow and ice I don't know when I'll manage to get one. So I am using an old 16MB card that I had laying around that holds 2 pictures at a time.

But I did manage to get my four year old (nearly five!) model to pose for me.

This pattern is just challenging enough to be interesting, but intuitive enough to follow without much difficulty. I had the Interweave Knits with this pattern and this pretty Malabrigo yarn on hand, so it was a spontaneous project that came together in about five days.

Size 8 clover DPNs
Malabrigo worsted one ply merino
Koolhaas Hat


Jessica said...

I already commented on Ravelry but I'll tell you again that it's very pretty!

Jen said...

Ooh, that is very pretty. I love that color!

Happy Christmas to you and your family!

amanda said...

How cute is that?!? And I'm still slightly dpn impaired so I'm impressed that you did that on dpns.

Miss you - wish you lived within walking distance of my house. I would definitely request a bean and margarita dinner :) Hopefully the snow will melt at some point and we can hang out!

Jeanne said...


Rima said...

The color is perfect. The hat is lovely.