Thifty Crafty

A good thrift shopping trip is when you've had something in the back of your mind that you've been meaning to find, and it shows up at the thrift for cheap, like the Raleigh Retro 16 bike I found for my four year old, just like the one her older sister has, but in a different color, and for $110 cheaper. It is in great shape and looks like this one but purple.

Plus a few fun things for me! I love vintage pattern art, check out just a few of the beauties....

See the grey number on the right? Adore.

Casual or elegant? I like the flowers at the waist.

Wonder what these on the left ladies misplaced? A parrot maybe?

Florals always make me feel good.

And finally, something for socks plus a little alpaca. Score!


... said...

Wow- I especially like the Advantage illustrations!

Pip and Tom said...

Amazing thrift store bike find! I'm still waiting for the perfect vintage cruiser bike for myself.