Over drinks the other night I admitted that I might be breaking up with my knitting. Well, probably not really, but we may try a little time apart. It really feels like an exercise in frustration. Or that everything I knit right now comes out crap. I am even taking the bus to work and not knitting on the bus.

The last thing I worked on was Seascape, and I had dreams of the beautiful stole I was going to make. And then the darn Malabrigo laceweight started felting up as I knit it. And here I was thinking I was smart for not choosing Kidsilk Haze because that's totally unfroggable in my hands. And then I found a mistake in my knitting, and I couldn't frog the Malabrigo, so I took scissors to it, but try as I might I couldn't frog anything after I cut it and I had to start over.

So I picked out some Zephyr. I mean, it's got some silk, it won't felt, right? But it's so darn SHINY, and none of the colors jumped out at me. But I picked one anyway (marine blue) and knit a ways, and I didn't like it, and then my 6 year old accidentally broke the yarn, and that was just the excuse to chuck the thing 10 rows in. Because weaving in end in laceweight? I know I *can* do it, but I really don't want to anywhere besides once at each end of the thing. That was the excuse anyway.

So now what? I miss the luxury of free time that I had with my old part-time schedule. I don't know what crafting I will or won't get done. I have an Amy Butler top most of the way sewn, but no promises.

And have I said how much I miss my girls now that I work all the time? More than I could have imagined.


Ali said...

Oh Sasha, you sound really fed up. Adjusting to a new schedule is rough. Give yourself some time. Just tell the knitting you need a break - it's you, not it and all the rest!

Jen said...

Oh, Sasha, none of this sounds good--scissors in the Malabrigo, broken Zephyr silk, full-time employment. I'm so sorry. Maybe you need some juicy summer novels for the bus for a little while.

Ms. Br4Z1L said...

Working kindaba sucks. I am contemplating going back full-time myself. Sigh.