The Rare Sewing Post

Does it seem like I quit sewing? As far as the blog is concerned it certainly looks that way. But wait, I sewed something!

I started cutting out fabric for an upcoming Sewing Bee, and then I just had to start on this little project, never mind that it was already 10 at night. This bag is named the "1 Hour Bag" but it my hands it was a little over two hours.

I used supplies I conveniently had at home, including using a magnetic snap for the first time. It was super easy, though it could be a lined up a touch better. Since I was using what I had, I ran out of thread and had to change colors twice, luckily the thread I had were pretty close colorwise.

This purse was a gift and I wasn't sure if the birthday girl would like it, but thankfully she liked it! I will admit I was tempted to keep it! But I am planning to make a top from this print, and I could just see forgetting and walking around with a top and purse of the very same fabric and I don't really want to be that matchy.

Here is the birthday girl modeling her new bag. Are you saying, "Wait, the print is upside down?" That's the print, it alternates with upside down and right-side up trees. (Is there a technical name for that kind of print?) The other side of the bag has a really pretty pink spotted tree that is upright.

Another crappy picture just because I love this bag:

I *heart* vintage buttons and Japanese fabric!

1 Hour Bag pattern by Ric-Rac
Japanese cotton fabric
Kona Cotton lining
Cotton Batting
Clover Magnetic Snap
Muslin for added stability


Ms. Br4ZiL said...

Miss Sasha you were mentioned in Kelphorn #56. And dag- I had a pattern and a bag of alpaca hair for you- but I totally spaced bringing it to seattle- next time.

Ms. Br4ZiL said...


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