Is It Possible To Knit Too Many Socks?

After completing my last pair of socks I immediately cast on for... (what else?) more socks! The pattern is Simply Ginny and the yarn is Austermann Step (it's soft and almost slippery what with being impregnated with Aloe and Jojoba.) These started out well with the twisted rib (I truly love alternating KTBL & Purl, it really is so easy on my wrists) and then the pattern changed to size 3s that feel like a log compared to a sweet little size 1 1/2 or 2, and then wouldn't you know it, they were knitting up way too big.

So I dropped that project like a hot potato and started on... more socks. This pattern is Giles Wavy Socks (link is to PDF) and the yarn is Vesper Sock I was mesmerized by the color changes and the ripply pattern which suggests feather-and-fan. And then I was stopped in my tracks when I saw that these were also knitting up too big. Sigh. Maybe a third pattern would be the charm?


Jen said...

Dang! Double dang!

And no, you can never knit too many socks.

Grace said...

You can never have too many socks going at once...I have at least 3 single socks plus 4 more in progress (I ride the train to work) so I don't get bored with one pattern!

Even though they are too big, they look pretty!

Jessica said...

That Vesper yarn and pattern were made for each other. Cute. Sorry about the sizing issues. Maybe you're loosening up in your old age? ;)