Gocco Rocks!

This morning I decided to bust out the Print Gocco PG-11 that I got for Christmas (thank you husband!) a year ago. Is it possible to be scared to use something so totally simple and fun? Apparently. How silly!

Since I wasn't up for calling on my own drawing skills, I put my little artists to work. It's not always possible to commission just what you wanted from kids, and the 5 year old was resistant to the whole concept of a drawing in just black ink, but I tried to let them just do their thing.

The Gocco comes with a carbon-based black pen, and you can use that, or a carbon-based photocopy, or a carbon-based laser print for your original. You can also buy black pens at your local art supply store that are carbon-based, and we used the Pigma Micron.

So, you make the drawing, expose the screen with the Gocco flash bulbs, squirt some ink on the screen, put the screen in the Gocco, insert some paper, press down the lid, and presto! If you've ever messed around with silkscreens and photo emulsion this is a dream by comparison. So freaking easy.

I think the coolest is how the screens look, see, abstract art!

If I had planned ahead I would have bought some cardstock, but we had fun printing on copy paper and scraps of muslin. I am envisioning a massive fabric-related project and some cards for the next time around.


Jessica said...

So cool. I've seen Print Gocco for sale at the University Bookstore and was tempted. Just what I need is another set of craft stuff.

Erin said...

Want one! I think my mom may have very similar children's dress patterns in her old box - I'm going to have to 'browse' through them.

Anonymous said...

Is Gocco back???? I thought they were discontinued forever.