What's That You Say? More Lunchbags?

Today was another Sewing Bee hosted by Jessica (thanks so much Jessica, I love the sewing bee!) I swear if I keep hanging around her and Amanda I am going to be cranking out a quilt one of these days, those girls do make some awesome quilts!

I put together two more lunchbags knowing that one would go to my 10 year old niece. When given the choice she was so cute, "Oh, they're both so cute...Oh, it's a hard choice...I can't decide!" Finally she picked the number fabric, so the linen vases is for me, yay!

I know, I know, it's officially the lunchbag and sock channel around here, and of course I'm working on yet another pair of socks. But I swear I have a few projects coming up just for the sake of variety because even I need to make something else every once and a while. I have a few clothes patterns picked out so you never do know.

Pattern from Japanese "Heartwarming Life Series" lunchbag book, ISBN#4529042642
brown Kona cotton
Japanese vase linen print fabric from Superbuzzy
Alexander Henry Countdown fabric
Bambu brand utensils


keri said...

Those are really cute, great job!

nuttnbunny said...

What a dreamy bag! Don't you love hunkering down and mastering one thing? These are lovely!

tiennie said...

Once more, so very cute!