Upside Down Socks

It took a week to recover from the intense 48 hour sock marathon and get back on the horse. Here's what I started on last night. It's Springgrass socks from Craftoholic. I was able to get an email probably a year ago with a charted version of the lace repeat, but what I've linked to is a written out version.

Funny thing, I was happily knitting away from the chart and I come to realize that my lace is running in the opposite direction of the sock picture, heh! The thing is, this isn't so much a sock pattern as a lace pattern for a 60 stitch sock, with the heel and toe of your choosing. So it looks like the chart is for a toe-up sock. Which didn't even occur to me. I mean, now that I found the link to the sock I can see it's toe-up, how funny! Um, yeah...well I still think my sock looks pretty so it's all good.


kristin said...

I like it! I think it might make me want to point my toes all the time.

nuttnbunny said...

So nice to see things from a diff. perspective! Upside down!! :-)

tiennie said...

I think it looks great! I want to knit these and her orchid socks too.