Here is a lunchbag that went together in about an hour and a half today. It's a taller style than the last bag, and it ties together in a bow on top to hold it closed. The fabric is heavier weight linen, and I used the Insul-Brite material between the linen and the cotton lining.

It was a gift so I picked up a bunch of stainless steel bento containers at the Daiso $1.50 Store (downstairs at Westlake Center) and included some bamboo utensils.

Pattern from Japanese "Heartwarming Life Series" lunchbag book, ISBN#4529042642
blue Kona cotton
Japanese vase linen print fabric from Superbuzzy
Bambu brand utensils


Jessica said...


Jen said...

Holy crap, that's cute fabric! What a great gift!

Ali said...

Fantastic - I love the print.

Kristy said...

Lucky,lucky friend!

keri said...

That is really cute, what a fun fabric!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome gift! I love the design.


tiennie said...

That is really cute!

Felicia said...

Its delightful!