Powerless to Resist

I went to the thrift store today. I know, big surprise! And I spied this.

I did a double take. Could it be? It's a Bandai toy knitting machine. This is probably not appealing to real Knitters, but it looks like pure fun to me.

Five minutes after setup I have a wonky little practice swatch in alpaca. Practicing with the quality yarn, huh? The fact that I am again flashing purple yarn may kill my credibility on the whole anti-purple stance, but I swear that this yarn was leftovers from a gift, not for me.

This may be a toy but it really does work. I can see making something rectangular like a scarf or potholder or something simple, but look at the projects on the box. How?

Well it was worth the couple of bucks, and I can always let my 5 year old loose with it, but for now she doesn't know about it and it's just my toy. What the heck am I going to make?

Now if only I could read Japanese...


Jessica said...

You have to take me thrifting some time. You always find the coolest stuff.

tania said...

OMG which store did you find this at?!! :)

nuttnbunny said...

Rockin. Scan the japanese stuff and email me. I have a native speaker friend who helps me :-)

keri said...

What a great find - I love the mini knitting machine!

Felicia said...

Wow! I'd say that was a real treasure.

Elaine said...

omg. what a GReat Find!!!
came here from keri's blog.
:o) can't wait to see what you end up making with this cool machine!

Anonymous said...

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