Homicidal Cars

I am nothing but scattered lately. Maybe if I make a list will make more sense than any attempt at organizing my thoughts into coherent paragraph form. (scroll down if you only come here for the pictures.)

A) The driver's seat belt latch failed in my car today. I can only buckle it into the passenger latch. This requires moving the seat way back and wishing my chest were smaller, or my legs longer. And I have to choose between using my seatbelt or the cup holder. Of course my chest is the only thing holding the belt off my neck so I guess I'd pick longer legs.

B) My ABS brakes failed in my car today, right after the seatbelt failure.

C) The mechanic can fix the brakes and the seatbelt next week. No hurry, right?

D) I think that my car is trying to kill me, see A and B. Or is my mechanic in on it? See C.

E) My 3 year old went to the doctor earlier this week and got a dose of a liquid steriod. Her review, "It tastes like garbage."

F) I got my bonus this week for my business trip, not huge but still, woohoo! Oh wait, I have to spend a lot more than the bonus, see item C.

G) My 3 year old is still sick, see E. She really wants to lay around and have me read books whilst playing with my hair, and for optimal satisfaction my hair must be damp. I give her as much as I can but sometimes I find myself standing just for a bit of personal space.

H) I haven't washed my hair in four days, see G.

I) I bought yarn today to take the edge off my anxiety, see A and B. For further justification see F. Also because my car troubles happened 2 blocks from a lovely yarn shop. Bonus was that a lovely knitter was working today.

J) My 3 year old's favorite phrase is, "I'm tired of that" and last night it was, "I'm tired of your contact lenses."

K) We went to a fun party last night and I found out that the hostess had ordered allergen-free cakes for the party especially so that my kids could eat them. No one told me so I brought cupcakes. It was so sweet of her that I almost cried. Also, the paella was unbelievably good.

L) The yarn I bought is a lovely Sea Silk and I picked purple. I don't actually like purple (and yet I really like this purple yarn!) and my rationale was that I was buying it to make a gift.

M) Why didn't I just buy something for myself? I deserve it, see the whole damn list.

N) I haven't been to knitting night in almost 3 weeks. I haven't knitted in days, see G. I miss my dedicated knitting time.

O) In a moment of questionable judgement I volunteered to teach knitting to a bunch of elementary school children.

That's all of the alphabet that I have in me. OK, here's the yarn, soft and lovely with such great sheen and vaguely rendolent of the beach.


Susan said...

Sasha! Our elementary school has a knitting club and it is very popular. The girls are very into it- especially in winter- in fact, I'll bet you could collect honourarium around the city as a visiting knitter. I'm serious :)!!

Jessica said...

Sorry your week(s)have been so crappy. If I'd known you didn't like purple I would have made you get something else. Hope things improve soon.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oh phooey!

Lovely yarn, though :-)

Jen said...

Yikes! At least you got some lovely yarn (even if it's not for you, in the end) and extra cupcakes. Try not to drive anywhere till next week, OK?