Wild Prints and Patterns

Just the other day I said to myself, how the heck do people score such cool fabric in thrift stores? I never find any good fabric. Then I hit my favorite shop and found these, I let out a gasp, I was so excited! Most are a couple of yards and cost $1.99 each.

A heavyweight cotton canvas print, a smallish piece that might make a cute tote or sunhat.

A fat corduroy, is this Native American or some kind of Pony Show, it's not really well defined but I can imagine a girl's skirt.

This is one large repeat of a curtain fabric with gold in the print.

A very 70s or early 80s girls with kittens and bubbles print, even if it's 50/50 it's still cool.

Gunslingers, again with the gold.

And the wildest one, can you read the signature on that design? It's Oleg Cassini in silk and that's one huge repeat! There are three more panels with other designs, just wild!

And one of my favorite pattern styles, the Cobbler Apron.


Jessica said...

Another thrift score for Sasha.

keri said...

What great finds! I haven't found any good fabrics at thrift stores yet, but I'm holding out hope!

Brooke said...

Sweet! That corduroy is fabulous. I totally envision a really full twirly skirt. I also love that cotton canvas.

nuttnbunny said...

Total fabric gold mine! That was worth the wait. Those gunslingers! I really can't take it.

Too bad we won't coordinate on the Chi-town timing. I'm there on June 4-5. You'll have to send me your report. :-)

Suzannie said...

that Oleg Cassini print is over the top! wow... Loved the colors and images of everything. There's some great thrifting here in DC/Baltimore so I'll remember to pick things up to send over to you....