I am sooo excited, I have fun things to report!

I got an anonymous comment from my Sockapalooza Pal, so exciting! And I contacted the pal I am making socks for (note to self, time to pick a pattern and soon!)

I am going to Chicago next week, on business no less, which is my first trip alone and without the family in 5 years. Do you know what my first thought was? Think of all of the knitting time on the plane!

Does anyone have any suggestions for places to go? I am thinking about these places:
Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago Cultural Center
The Bar at Frontera Grill
Swirlz Cupcakes
Sushi Toro
Green Mill
Knit 1
Loopy Yarns
H & M
Vogue Fabrics

Comments anyone? I stick to cuisine that I can safely eat (gluten free) so no pizza for me. I have limited time and no car so I am sticking to things near my hotel and near the trade show where I am working. (Lincoln Park & Downtown) How about that public transportation, any advice?

As soon as I get back the card reader for my camera I will do a post with some pictures of my latest finds.

Also, stay tuned for a chance to win some goodies!


Katie said...

Swirlz looks fab (you know I had to check the cupcake link!). Enjoy your temporary "escape", even if there is work involved.

TheKnittingBlogbyMrPuffytheDog said...

Definately Garrett's Popcorn. The cashew carmel is the best. You can smell it wafting into the street.

Jessica said...

I think that fabric store is way, way, away from where you will be hanging out.
Public transportation isn't the most fun in Chicago. The city is HUGE. The el is pretty good for going between Lincoln Park and downtown or North Michigan.

amandasan said...

jessica's right - vogue fabrics is in evanston and it's probably not worth trekking out there for it. i've been there and a lot of the fabric there is more utilitarian (upholstery, etc.) than fun. i haven't been to either of those yarn stores. h&m is fun - just avoid on weekends because the line for the dressing rooms can be massive. there are actually two h&ms in downtown chicago. the one on michigan avenue across the street from the john hancock building is the better one i think - they have womens, mens and kids clothes. the h&m kids stuff is cute and they have some good sale stuff usually.
and like jessica said, the el is fine in the neighborhoods you're going to be in.
have fun!

Ms. Brazil said...

Yes, I agree, skip the fabric store.

I used to live literally across the street and two houses back from Rotfugi. If you take the blue line to Damen stop the walk south on Damen until you get to rotofugi at Chicago and Damen- it's an interesting walk through wicker park then into Ukranian Village.

Green Mill yes, but get there early or you won't have a table.

Wicker park is definitely worth a look- again the Damen stop on the blue line.

H and M definitely. You could take a long walk from there south to Art Institute on same street. Also to east of H&M 1 or 2 blocks is the contemporary art museum which is also very worthwhile.

Halfway to AIC on Michigan is the mall with Nordstrom that has Sanrio on the third floor, and a very big legostore, and some other good shops.

And, take a cab with some friends to Rosa's Blues Lounge. It's the real deal.

Ms Brazil said...

Oh BTW Rotofugi is a small shop - it might be just as well to order from them.

Chicago Sarah said...

I just got back from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston- they start their big summer sale tomorrow and everything was marked down today. It is about 45 minutes L ride up from the city- but cool to see the different neighborhoods from the Red Line and Evanston is a pretty place. Vogue Fabric is kind of what you make of it- I just bought fabric for two skirts (and lining), 12 yards of striped sheers for curtains, and a knit print for a dress- all for less than $70. If you go, check out the ribbons section. :) Enjoy your visit!