In Case You Had Any Doubts, I'm a Girly-Girl

I hit the thrift store again today, not really expecting to find anything, and then debating whether I would pay .99 each for copies of 50s-60s handcraft magazine called Workbasket. They are in sealed bags which makes it a bit of a gamble. I was just about to leave the store and admit defeat when I realized that I skipped the sewing pattern section. I can't tell you how many goodies I have found in this section, and today I was rewarded with a bunch of vintage sewing patterns.

OK, two of the patterns are from an earlier visit, but anyhow, behold the cuteness. If they don't just make you go aww, well, I just don't know if we can be friends. Click on the picture if you're not sure. That colonial costume, I would have died for that when I was eight or ten. Some of the others I actually plan to make, like all of the girly dresses and the bonnets that come with the coat patterns, sized for five and six year olds!

But first I must finish two of the twirly dress that I started on Sunday at the Sewing Bee. I am currently perplexed by the button closure, something about the construction just doesn't add up for me. I swear that vintage patterns presume a level of sewing expertise that modern patterns do tend to spell out a bit more. But for these fashions I will accept the challenge.

And if that wasn't enough goodness for one day, when I got home there were two packages, the pattern for Rusted Root, and some Cotton Fleece. This will be my first adult sweater, top-down seamless. I'm trying not to get in over my head and I do suck at finishing. But now a dilemma, it is a really girly pattern (lace panel, puffy sleeves) so I am reconsidering my yarn choice. Maybe a less girly color? Like lime green or blue?


Brooke said...

Sweet pattern score! I love the double breasted coat and that colonial pattern will make the most adorable dresses! Oooooh pattern envy!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

GASP! Coming from someone who HATES shopping and won't purchase anything until it virtually jumps into her shopping cart, I have to say, I simply LOVE the pattern from Rusted Root. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see what you do with it :-)

Jen said...

Oh, wow, those sewing patterns are fantastic! I love the capelet coat and those poufy baby dresses.

I was just looking longingly at the Rusted Root pattern a couple of days ago. I don't know about your color dilemna... What color will go best with your favorite summer skirt?

Kristy said...

Oohh Aahhh!!!I love those patterns.Does that mean we are friends?I really must try sewing clothes I have some lovely vintage patterns too. (some will be on there way to you I haven't forgotten honestly!)