Have Some Fun, Bang A Drum

For Rusted Root, after some deliberation I decided to go with Cascade Sierra in pale blue rather than the pink Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that I was considering. Same fiber content, similar gauge, different color choices at the store, and really, it's all about just the right color.

So I cast on and got 10 rows in and I don't like how holey my Kf&b&f&b increases are looking. See just above the purl row? Maybe that's how they are supposed to look but one is way bigger than the rest. Plus it looks like I'm a little off gauge so I am frogging and starting over.

On the subject of my thrifting addiction, here are a few vintage sewing patterns I found today...

I want to make this red dress, but note the length, popular in girl's pattern of this era. It ends just past the bottom, so I would definitely lengthen this.

Here is a pattern from an earlier era, for a slip but it would make a cute dress. I love the pink one...

And a dress in two views, serious or glamorous. How cute is the green one tied at the waist?

And my impulse purchase for today, a drum, specifically a Pearl floor tom, for the kids. Because 3 and 4 year olds just aren't loud enough.


keri said...

Oooh I think that color is going to be so pretty on you!

kristin said...

Hi! That green dress is adorable!

Can you shift the increase row up one, so you're not increasing off the purl row? I'm not sure but I think that might help a little.

It was good to see you and the kids yesterday.