Vegetarians...Look Away!

Thinking it might be nice to give my husband a meal he enjoys (unlike my usual meals?) I went to Uwajimaya and asked for a crab.

Umm, do you think I should have been more specific? I considered this when I saw the seafood guy reaching into the tank, but then I figured I knew what to do, though this wasn't quite what I had meant to order. So I took home the wriggling bundle and made a meal. In case you want to know, I consider the cutting and cleaning and then cooking to be more food-safe and humane.

Hope your Valentine's Day is happy!


Brooke said...

Now that's true love! My daughter's theory is that crab's pinch your skin off. They often figure as the villains in her imaginary worlds...

Brooke said...

Oh golly, I used the apostrophe wrong. How hideously embarrassing. Crabs, I mean. Not crab's.