My Own Japanese Candy Friday!

You know those days that just go crappy, until... Well, I was having one of those, and then I came home and saw this.

It's a cute heart-patterned package filled with candy treats! Eeee! One of my favorite blog reads is Giant Jeans Parlor, and not just for Japanese Candy Friday reviews which are tasty and hilarious! Recently Anjali offered a candy prize to three lucky winners and I was one of them! What a treat, I never win anything! Japanese Candy delivered to my door?!?! Heehee! Talk about a bright spot in my day. My four year old immediately made off with the sushi erasers. (I hate posting such cruddy pictures but there's no natural light and I wanted to get pictures right away!)

Inside the package was a veritable Candy Friday sampler, generous and tasty!

I am linking to Anjali's reviews as her description beat anything I say about these treats. There were Winoa wine flavored chocolates, tasting not-too-sweet berry flavored with a winey finish...

MeltyKiss chocolates, buttery goodness, somewhere between truffles and frosting...

Yuzu candy, extra chewy and tasty with just enough sweetness to let the yuzu flavor shine through...

and Strawberry Airs, flavored chocolate with a fine air-bubble texture!

Thanks Anjali for the awesome treats!

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