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Have I mentioned several times how much I love vintage patterns? Sewing patterns, knitting patterns, applique, I love it all! So today I went shopping to console myself after the huge repair bill for our car (Umm, air intake control, is that something made up? Darn fancy computerized parts.) because that's just the right time to spend more money.

I dragged the kids to the thrift store where I found a 1975 Nancy & Sluggo puzzle for 99 cents (with pieces to spare!) a bag full of new embroidery thread plus needles for $1.99 (my big splurge!) and half dozen vintage sewing patterns for 69 cents each that I couldn't resist, yay! All for a little pocket change.

First, a group of patterns that will make nice casual fair-weather dresses. I especially love the 70's number on the left!

And a pattern for a wardrobe of doll clothes. I don't know who Tressy is but she's a fashion plate, and get a load of those tresses, talk about glamour hair! These would also fit Barbie, and if I had any inclination to actually let my girls play with Barbie (I know, just putting off the ineveitable) I would give these outfits a whirl.

The apron? Well, it's really a smock, more like a wrap-dress, do you think I could get away with wearing this out? I think I could pull it off, and it's got good coverage so my bum wouldn't be hanging out. It's not glamour wear like Tressy's getups, but it could be really cute and flattering.

But the real question, do you see the scale of those pockets? I like a functional pocket as much as the next girl, but that's overcompensating, I mean I could stick my head in there! Or with a little reinforcement I could carry around a pair of newborns, one in each, not that I would have any reason to do that. Really. Never.

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Ms. Brazil said...

Re my new camera--It's another of the same. A point and shoot diggy Canon. I keep losing/wrecking them. Digital cameras are just too small to keep track of!