Technical Difficulties

So yesterday the power went out for a couple hours, came back on for half an hour, and then again shut off for another hour.
I had no flashlights, one candle that took some doing to find, and two little girls that didn't like sitting around in the dark.

I also had a printing project that had to get done, 350 pages worth. Power comes back on and I am ready to print. So the computer picks that moment to fail (not related to the power going out), as in I need to schedule a time at the Genius Bar and then they will send it away for a week or two. I can not express how much I appreciate a friend that came through for me by loaning me a laptop for the evening (Tammy you are awesome!) so that I could complete my project (thank goodness I sent a backup to my hotmail account!)

So, that said, I will not be blogging much in the near future and will only have computer time at work two days a week.

So if you don't hear from me, hopefully I will have some projects to post in a couple of weeks, and best wishes for these next few weeks.

And to those that inquired, I will be 37 on Christmas Eve.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

Happy pre-birthday!! But c'mon, 37?? And here I was assuming that you were 24? 25? Seriously, you have got to let me in on your secret!

keri said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to your blogging return. Happy couple coming weeks.


Brooke said...

Not the tech-scourge! I hope it's resolved sooner than expected. And a very merry birthday to you!

Susan said...

Merry Christmnas and Happy Birthday Sasha!!!