Why I Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

I walk in to work to grab a parking pass, I haven't even parked my car in the lot, and my coworker stops me.

Him: "So what do you call this, what you're wearing..." (gesturing at me) "...pants and a skirt?"
Me: "Umm, pants, a dress, and a shirt?"
Him: "Well...It looks...comfortable."
(Note the implied insult. I turn to see we have an audience of coworkers.)
Me: "Ok...well thanks for that."

(And to think, that same outfit got me hit on at Salvation Army the week before, dude told me the pants and skirt combo was hot, granted, he did seem quite crazy.)

then my boss chimes in: "And what's wrong with your lip?"
Me: "Oh, I didn't realize it was Critique Sasha's Appearance Day, good to know."


Ali said...

It annoys me that I can never come up with a snappy retort when I need one and then spend hours after dreaming up the most crushing replies to this sort of nonsense.

Don't these people know, if you can't say anything nice...

Melissa R. Garrett said...

What the heck?! Oh wait, I get that same sort of daily critique from Hannah who likes to say I am "medium fat." Um, hello, I am 5'4 and 110 pounds. Yeah, I'm fat. I LOVE the dress, shirt, pants combo - just wish I could successfully pull it off . . .

BTW - LOVE the felt clips!!

Ms. Brazil said...

It's envy. You need an evil eye amulet to protect you from mean people.