Sew Buttons On Your Underwear

I went to an estate sale...actually I went to the same sale twice, there was just too much stuff to take it all in at once. It was fabric, patterns, sewing machines, notions and more. I got a couple of yards of fabric and some silver leather scraps, but the buttons, that's what did me in. Here I am jumping on the button bandwagon it appears. I gave you a taste in my Pretty Buttons post yesterday.

I tried to get them to sell me the whole box of buttons on the cards but no chance, so I picked out about 50 cards of buttons, but there were many hundreds more. So many have carved looking designs, and there are some real mother-of-pearl ones, and the colors are lovely. And I had to grab about 15 wooden spools of thread. I really just want them because I love wooden spools but I always need more thread colors. There were two big cardboard boxes of spools.

I may go back to the sale again today. This little picture was about $8 worth, including the fabric, and it doesn't do justice to the lovely buttons. My two year old loves playing with the button cards, and I now have some for almost any outfit.


Anonymous said...

love looking through your blog for creative ideas...here's another site i love to browse through...i think you'll enjoy it as well! :)

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Sasha said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thanks for the kind comment and the link, it's great to know that someone is checking out my ramblings!

elizabeth said...

i am *jealous*. i do hope you got to go back and score more buttons. they are my weakness...lol.

blair said...

Ok, where was this estate sale? What amazing things!

Sasha said...

It was a mile from my house, heehee!
Sadly I missed going back for the end of the sale markdowns, but I am still happy with my purchases.