Instead of Finishing What I Started

I have a confession to make... I crocheted today...and I liked it. It is scary for me because it seems much easier to end up with some unfortunate blob. My first every foray into the world of the hooking, behold it's wavey and holey glory.

Since I originally envisioned this as a knitting blog (hah, that plan went out the window pretty quickly!) I feel like I am cheating on my knitting. There are so many unfinished projects that I haven't touched in weeks. Or like I've switched parties. It's a funny thing, you see crochet edging on knitwear, but do you ever see knitting on crochet wear? (crochet wear...is that even a real term?) Is that like being a card-carrying conservative that's also pro-choice? It seems that we tend to one allegiance or the other. There are knitters and there are crocheters. Which am I, the swing voter? Mark me undecided.

I am learning from a Japanese pattern book, and it seems to be working (does it look like real crochet?), which is pretty good for not grasping Japanese. But the sad truth of crochet is that there is counting involved and it requires that same attention span issues like knitting. Since I can't keep track of what I did on the previous stitch, much less which row I am on, this may be my downfall.

My plan for my first crochet project is to fake my own pattern as I go along until it's the right size and shape for what I am attempting to make. I'll reveal more if it goes the way I hope. (Not likely but I can dream...)


elizabeth said...

great job!

i can only crochet in a straight line...lol.

Melissa said...

Knitting leaves me "red hot mad," as my son would say. I've often thought that crocheting would be much simpler due to there just being one hook and all. I'm not a very precise person, though when it comes to crafting (or cooking or gardening!). At least with sewing you can often fudge your way through a project.