Pointing Kitties

Earlier this week I cut my 4 year old’s nap by an hour, also known as shooting myself in the foot for solo crafting time. The plan is that she will fall asleep sooner at night, which remains to be seen.

As for actual crafting, here’s a hint.

That’s all I can show for now until the recipient gets it, I hope she likes it as much as I do.

In other projects, and continuing the theme of using what I have at home, here are the pointy kitties.

Thankfully the 2 year old knew that the blue one was hers, just as the 4 year old knew the pink one was hers, so no fighting ensued, just lots of cuddling and tail bending. And complaints about the legs not standing, which led to much seam ripping and re-stuffing.

As much as the 4 year old wants to be included in my projects, having her run the pedal on the sewing machine (“it’s just like driving mama!”) makes mama yell “stop, no stop, now!” on the curved parts, which was essentially the whole shebang.

A free pattern from Wee Wonderfuls, leftover Disco Dots fabric scraps, wool felt, scrap wool stuffing, vintage buttons.

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maggiegracecreates said...

I got it - I got it. The wool is beautiful. I love it. I wanted to cheat and unwrap immediately but my daughter would not let me - so now I have to decide what to make.

Thank you so much.