I know an island where the sheep roam free. On the beaches, grazing the meadow grass, and roaming through the woods. Their fleece is full of thorns, sheep crap, sticks, and whatever else you might expect to find in your hair if you slept on the ground and didn't bathe for a year.

It seems that I have the right connections, for I just received my free fleece from a young female sheep. Can you see the color? That's brown and grey with dirt, it's not brown wool. I do know how to make some rudimentary yarn with a drop spindle, though it does take forever, but on the plus side I have mastered the art of spinning whilst reclining in front of the TV (it that lazy or some kinda warped Protestant work ethic?)

Last year I made a little yarn and dyed it with Koolaid and made a nice simple little pink hat for my daughter, along with some mittens that were promptly lost.

What I really want to do is dye it in blues and browns, or maybe pinks and browns, and make a pretty sweater and maybe a couple of simple scarves.

First comes several washings and shaking out as much detritus as is possible, wish me luck.

Spinning came to me not by intention but from a bag of wool that I couldn't refuse two years ago, and for that, as well as my latest wool, I thank Lanita.

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