And One Little Apple Came Tumbling Down

In other crafting news, presenting...

The apple print shirt for babies! Inspired by an apple-stamped tote bag project from Good Things for Kids (a Martha Stewart magazine.)

I have to say, it's hard to slice the apple to get a nice cross section of the seed-holes (that's the technical name, right?) and it does make me wonder how many hundreds of apples were sacrificed for the magazine. It's probably best to use cheap apples and not organic ones like I did.

I only had one successful print, the second shirt is being washed for a do-over. This print is a little rough but I like the result even if it doesn't stand out so well with the pink paint. Stem and leaf were scribbled on with the side of a plastic fork. The fabric paint is stinky so it didn't live up to my hope of being a toddler project, though both girls are eager for their new shirts, which will have to wait for more apples.

American Apparel shirt size 18 months, Jaquard Textile Colors in white, ruby red, and periwinkle, 2 Gala organic apples

Future project include something out of hemp (socks? hat?) and dyeing the fleece with some bugs (more info to come.)

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