Snow Day Knitting

There is snow on the ground, so it's perfect weather to work on another sweater.

Another means in addition to the two that are between 75-95% finished, but let's not talk about those. Let's talk about the Camilla Pullover. Pretty! It's knit in Aran weight yarn on 10 1/2 needles, so it take surprisingly little yarn. I have knit up to the underarms and now I am knitting the second sleeve.

Two skeins of this yarn are from the thrift store, and I am breaking a knitting rule by using more than one dye lot of this color Cascade 220, but I swear I can't see any transition between skeins, so I am going with it and making a very affordable sweater.

Another garter stitch sweater, I know, how surprising of me! And similar to the yet to be finished Forecast sweater, this sweater is also knit in the round, so it's alternating knit and purl rows. Just guess how many times I can mess that up? Dozens of times apparently.

Here's hoping that being housebound by snow means lots of knitting time!

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amanda said...

where are the bobbles? i thought you only knit sweaters with bobbles!