Snow Etiquette

Madison Street covered with snow at 8:30pm

I know, I know, this sort of snow is unheard of in Seattle, especially not for 10 days, but just on the off chance that we see snow again, can I can offer a few suggestions?

High heeled boots are a mistake. No one sees you feet under 12 inches of slush. Invest in real shoes.

Put chains on your tires. I might try and help push your car but seriously, if the Metro bus can barely make the hills why take chances in a hatchback?

Your honking is not going to change the fact the car ahead of you is spinning their tires and can't make it up the hill.

If you're running a grocery store, remember that you are essential. Don't close up shop at 8pm due to weather. Especially if there are several people approaching the door and you lock it in their faces after they just trudged 10 block uphill in what feels like loose sand.

Check the Metro bus website to see if your route is canceled, and if someone points out that there are no bus routes serving the neighborhood, then be advised that stubbornly staying at the stop is not going to make a bus appear.

If you go drunken sledding late at night, don't leave two cases of bottles, several broken sleds, a dozen sheets of cardboard, an ironing board and a broken couch strewn all over the street. You are old enough to pick up after yourselves.

That's all, carry on with your cross country skiing, snow sculpture building and other snow-related merriment.


amanda said...

The snow is getting out of control. I WALKED TO KNITTING LAST NIGHT! And it was actually kind of fun :) Felt like an adventure and there were hardly any cars on the road which was pretty eerie.

funsize said...

The snow is incredible. And I second the things about the heels and the tires. People are amazingly stupid sometimes!

Meg said...

I can't believe I am missing all of this! We have snow in Boise, but it's much more managable! Hopefully, we'll be able to get home.... And hopefully people will read your blog and start acting a little more sensible in crazy weather!

Kristy said...

A white Christmas though! How great eh?! Even better a 'White Birthday'.Hope it's a good one. x

Jeanne said...

Amen, sister!

Also, happy birthday!