Little Tommy Tinker...

Have you ever had that elusive item that you passed up at the thrift store and then kicked yourself for years afterward? For me it is Giant Tinker Toys. And about a month back I had a conversation with my daughter's teacher where she brought up how she really wanted to find a set, and I was like, yeah, me too!! And yesterday I spied a full box at the store. The kids are loving them. My four year old cried when she had to go to school because "They are just so fun Momma!"

And in case you come here for crafting content, I have been spinning. I moved on to this icy-blue Merino. Umm, I am not sure why I am trying to spin sewing thread, but I am getting better at drafting and making a consistent(ish) yarn thickness. Aside from breaking the yarn repeatedly. And man, does it take forever to fill a bobbin at this thickness! I still need to work on getting the right amount of twist, but at least I am starting to feel like I don't totally suck at spinning.

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