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Can you believe this is my 100th post, and in less than a year? I can't believe it.

My husband is out of town on business in Whistler. I know, hard life, huh? I would totally be skiing and I don't ski, but my husband really doesn't ski.

So I am a single mom for 5 days, which seems like a really long time, especially today when my 3 year old decided to SKIP THE NAP. Sorry, that really begged for some yelling, it did. I am so tired today.

And the crochet? Still a mystery. It went awry, I was hoping for the big reveal this week, especially since it was intended as a gift for a birthday 2 months ago, ah well, maybe by next week. I did enjoy the guesses, but no one figured it out yet.

In the meanwhile, I am feeling a little bit socky and knitty, so here is the latest, it's a simple ribbed man's sock in chocolate brown (my favorite color right now.) I needed some mindless knitting. I actually thought I could start these on Thursday and give them to my husband before he left this morning. Obviously I don't let my knitting plans get bogged down by reality. So here they are, knit as far as heels but no feet, no toes. Still pretty good in four days if I do say so. (That confusing light stripe is a bit of sunlight.)

I have some sewing up my sleeve soon I think (but no sleeves planned for my sewing.) I managed to clear two months of clutter from my sewing table and that will help fill my nights at home this week. That and sending the kids to grandma's for one night. And going out to eat a lot...maybe.


Brooke said...

I feel your pain. I hope the 5 days fly by. The socks are, as usual, lovely looking. Do you do them at the same time to keep them even, or is it just easier that way? Your swap package is almost ready...I think it will win the prize for longest swap ever, sadly!

keri said...

What kind of yarn is the socks, I'm always on the lookout for a good chocolate brown.

I love the way you knit them two at a time - it decreases the hurdle of starting/finishing the second one - no second sock syndrome here I can tell! =)


lovely page, c ya