Sparkle Cones

Our girls love walking around the neighborhood with a basket to pick up acorns and leaves. The other day we collected pine cones for a simple holiday decorating project.

First came a little washing and air drying to remove the mud. Then a copious brushing with diluted Elmer's glue, good messy kid fun! Dump on some fine glitter in colors of your choice (I really like white or silver glitter for a snow dusted look) and leave them out to dry. Hang them on the tree with ribbon or arrange them in bowls. Fast and easy kid-friendly crafting.


Susan said...

Hey! I literally have a pile of pinecones on my drafting table that just today I thought "what am I gonna do with these?" I thought bird feeders but your idea is a great alternative.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

These are great! My son's preschool is in search of easy ornament ideas to complete before taking a field trip to deliver them to a nursing home. I will have to suggest these. Cool!!

kristin said...

i am on my way to do this right now :) thanks for the lovely idea.

keri said...

What a cute idea, so bright and festive!

I do love susan's idea also of the bird feeders, I remember making those when I was younger.