Dutch Kitty

We received the most generous swap package yesterday from Erika of Miko Design, I am truly overwhelmed! There were the sweet wrap dresses that she sewed for both of my girls (!) just lovely, I wish I had a better picture of them but the girls were too excited to stand still and they put them right on over the clothes they were wearing. I barely got this shot as they wanted to go play with all of the fun new things.

She also sent bags to match the dresses, a lovely banner, ladybug clips, stickers, notpads, kitty cat washcloths, miniature Dutch shoes (these were a big hit!), a Dutch kids figurine, rubber stamps, fabric, ribbon, magnets, a couple of great magazines for me... So much I don't think I could list it all. Really truly amazing, my girls were beyond thrilled, it was like Christmas. And the most beautiful wrapping, it was so lovely, I wish I had taken pictures before we tore everything open.

And in return I sent her the Japanese sewing pattern book she requested, some candy, fabric, and a few little surprises. I am afraid what I sent will not be nearly as exciting as what we received, but I hope that she enjoys it. And I hope it gets there soon. Thank you so much Erika!!

And for someone else that is waiting on a swap package, I promise it will be in your hands soon, I am a tardy swapper!

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mikodesign said...

hi sasha,
I'm so happy that you like everything,the girls look so sweet.
I had so much fun putting it all together.