Seven Days

This morning I was at school baking rice flour scones with a half-dozen 2-4 year olds, and it was messy, as you might imagine, but also good fun. Kids are so thrilled with projects, they just love to be making something.

I wish someone would organize my projects for me, say here you go, I set up a knitting station for you, take an hour and just do what you like, it's all laid out and you can get help with the tricky parts...Don't feel like knitting today, no worries, there is a big sewing table across the room, have at it!

More and more I dread my half of the closet stuffed with fabric, my file full of projects and notions doing duty as my bedside table (plus the teetering piles of patterns and books on the floor), and the table in the livingroom strewn with sewing supplies and magazines. Where is the house with detached backyard studio that I dream of?

Well, I still manage to get a few things done in the chaos, I had that 10-days-to-Halloween panic and finally pushed to get the costumes done-ish. All they need now is a decision about the detachable mittens. I think the kids will make a case for the mittens so I'd better get motivated.

Meanwhile, I have put the first half of Backyard Leaves on a stitch holder and have cast on for the second half. I am still debating the length and this way I can pin it all together and try it before I commit to a cast-off.


Ms. Brazil said...

Mmmmmm. Is that scOHne or scAHn? And,....are you planning to share the recipe, or just tease us?

Melissa said...

The costume is just too cute! But what are the bottom of the feet made out of? How will they hold up to trick-or-treating?

You've inspired me to try knitting again. Keyword, try.

Jennifer said...

Fabulous costume. It looks soft and dreamy.

Sasha said...

Ms Brasil-Just tease you, I didn't expect much demand for the gluten free recipes, and around here we don't do clotted cream, so that would be rhymes with ice cream cone.

Thanks for the costume love...Melissa, the feet are grip soles like a sleeper, not practical but I thought I'd make it like the pattern figuring I could stuff their feet in rubber boots or cut off the feets and hem them up.