More Vintage Pattern Love

Here are two patterns I am considering making. The left is a cute peasant top, this looks pretty simple, note that I fall somewhere between the 32 bust specified on the pattern and the 42 bust scribbled on the envelope, but I think I could modify this pretty easily. This one came from my sister with her expert thrifting skills and fabulous fun taste.

The right hand pattern is a simple wrap skirt with an a-line shape, talk about perfect for my skill level. A bias binding edge, a buttonhole and a bunch of mostly straight seams, this would be really cute. It may be hard to appreciate with the drab beige fabric in the larger illustration but I can see this in a fun springtime fabric, perhaps with a different pocket style. I am not thrilled about the center front seam, but I think I can make it work. I found this pattern a couple of weeks back at an otherwise dreary thrift store, it's one of may favorite pattern scores, it's simple but I think it would be really flattering.

Progress continues on the Backyard Leaves scarf, I am 6 repeats into the second half, so there are about 5 repeats to go. I will spare you the boring in-progress shots, but I hope to have it blocking by the end of the weekend. I have some car rides and a ferry ride that might be just what I need to finish it off.


Brooke said...

The skirt is quite cute--floral linen on the bias maybe? By the way, I am going to email you back--frenzy of activities here!

nuttnbunny said...

I'm going to take a peek through my vintage patterns and see if there are any that I think you might like!

BTW - glad you got an apology from the flight attendant. Someday I'll have to share my insane flight story. We travel frequently with our 2-yr-old.

Susan said...

Sasha, I want to make dog sweaters out of old afghans (blankets, not dogs!). Or old people sweaters too. I don't knit- so how would you suggest connecting the seams- a big needle with yarn?? Enquiring minds want to know...

Sasha said...

Hey Susan!

Well, I'm no expert at seaming, but definitely go with the big needle, look for one with a dull point, called a tapesty needle so you don't sew into the strands.

Of course I've never tried this so I am just guessing, but if you are going to cut the sweater or afghan up you might want to run it through a sewing machine just in from where you will cut it so it doesn't unravel.

Let me know how it goes, best of luck!

sewing seams:

melissa f. said...

i emailed you and said that was ah fabric-- but then i realized it was actually micheal miller. anyway. good luck.

Susan said...

Thanks doc