Double Pointed Book

Well, it feels like I've hit a rough patch lately, as in time to put down the pointy sticks before someone gets hurt and watch lots of crappy TV. There are bumpy days with balancing the mom/working/at home/doing what I want to do parts, as I'm sure many of you know. And the school schedule, for as much as it gives me a tiny bit of time to myself, it feels more hectic with the driving around getting things done. Got to cross something off of the old list right?

Something had to give, and lately that has been the crafting. There has been the occasional knit a couple of rows, or cut out part of a Halloween costume, or string a banner, but for the most part I am not doing much except thinking about my next project and enhancing my fabric stash.

But today I found an hour and hurriedly (yes, it does show a little) put together a double pointed needle book. Inspired by the picture in this post by Split Yarn. She also has a handy dandy tutorial on her site, check it out. What I want to know is where to get the fab pink elastic!

I can't follow directions, so mine is basically a book with the pages ripped out, fabric cut a little bigger for the outside, iron under the edges. Fabric cut a little smaller for the inside, iron under the edges. Sew elastic down the middle of the inside piece at random intervals (I could have spent more time on that part.) Use Seam-a-Seam or Wonder-Under to fuse fabric to outside of the book then inside of book. Viola!

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Brooke said...

I love the fabric you chose for both the inside and outside. What a fun, and practical, project!