Panda Baby

Look at what I got on eBay for $4. It really isn't too early to think about Halloween costumes. Of course the flip side is that kids are fickle, and if you make something too soon they still have time to change their minds.

My 4 year old wants to be a "kitty cat...shiny pink and purple" and my 2 year old is going back and forth between the panda and the bunny. How cute are those little panda goggles? I figure there's no chance she would wear them for more than a few seconds, but my wish is that she picks panda. She could easily be manipulated into the panda, but I am trying not to influence her decision.

I dig the widow's-peak styling on the hood, see how it comes down in a little point in the front? The hood has an attached "capelet" but I may have to skip that part as I am strongly anti-capelet. Plus then it doesn't stand alone as a hat if there is a big old head-skirt sticking out on the bottom.


sugar cookie said...

my mom made me a bunny like that when i was in kindergarten. it was pink with white trim.

norththreads said...

This pattern is adorable! We recieved your precious little teent tiny swp bag filled with projects yesterday-thanks so much!!!!! I didnt even get a photo before my daughter dug in & started crreating! Thanks so much, this is our first package to arrive & its lovely!!!
Avery & Ang
PS- Your Archies are fabulous!!

Brooke said...

You have so much self-control. I don't think I'd be able to stop myself pulling for the panda with his cute little goggles!