Not a Spit-Shine

I had my 2 year old running around tonight in pants with no diaper. She's not trained yet, though she occasionally tells me when she needs to go, or has just gone in her diaper. So she's sitting by the door playing with shoes. And then I hear what she's singing; "Washing Daddy's shoes in the pee...Washing Daddy's shoes in the pee..."

But on to even lovelier subjects, did I ever mention I was raised vegetarian for about a decade? Well, I am a little fussy about meat, it doesn't take much to gross me out. So I went to the market a few weeks back and all of the chicken in the case, about 10 chickens, were expired by a good three days, so I tell the meat guy, and he says; "We can open them up and smell them to see if they're still good." Um, thanks, that just totally activated my gag reflex (does he expect to get any takers?), I'll pass. So yesterday I open a ham-nugget-ball-thing, and it rolls out oozing what looks to be a good half-cup of snot, not clear like gelatin, cloudy-looking, can somebody tell me, is that normal? I really have no idea, but I had to toss it before I hurled.

In other news, I have finished the recent knitted object, and as soon as I get a good daylight shot I will post pictures, hopefully tomorrow!

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Melissa said...

We are not vegetarian, but your descriptions totally grossed me out as well. What was it that my sister always said in the 80's? Oh yeah - "Gag me with a dead smurf." Ew!