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Here is the first of the Cochineal Yarn. It's not exactly laceweight but it's a nice thin yarn, though it will bloom some when I soak it. I am debating whether to take a stab at making a 2-ply yarn, but first I have a lot of carding and spinning to see how much yarn it makes. I am dreaming of the Hourglass sweater, but I am not sure that it wouldn't be too scratchy. This wool, it's not a fine merino or anything. But at least it would make some lovely hats. It is really fun to spin with this yummy color rather than plain white.

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marianne said...

I have always wanted to try spinning wool tops..is this how it is done by hand? ( rather than a wheel...Damian will have a fit if I bring home another machine...) Do you have any tips on getting started- tutorials or good sites to visit? Thanks for the speedy stanp in the freezer tip..I'll give it a try